Friday, 29 April 2011

Analysis- Images

This poster depicts a happy, idyllic scene on a tidy, flourishing farm. The weather is beautiful, the harvest is full and good, and there are animals and barns and a house. All of the animals are healthy.There are fences and a few trees. The house and barn are painted a bright, cheery red. In reality, it would take years and years of hard labour to establish a farm like the one on the poster.
The young woman would probably be hard at work inside, or in the barn. In the picture, she outside, relaxed with no work to do. She is waving, probably at a neighbour or her husband or her other young children at play. This makes the viewer think that in the prairies neighbours are close and that the work is not relentless or hard.
The picture on this poster shows the viewer an easy, joyful life on the Canadian West farms.

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